Television and movie courtroom dramas have given many of our clients an incorrect perception of the role of attorneys and the legal process in general. At the beginning of the representation, we always explain to our clients that we are responsible for the legal aspects of their divorce, but they have many responsibilities as well that facilitate the attorney’s ability to successfully complete the case and to reduce the financial and emotional complexities of the divorce. Below is a list of items a client going through a divorce should keep in mind throughout the divorce process:

1. Keep your emotions under control. The divorce process can go on for an extended period of time, and it can be an emotionally draining experience at times. Although it may be difficult to approach a divorce practically, you should attempt to treat your divorce as a business transaction as much as possible to avoid poor, emotionally driven decisions that can have negative consequences for your case goals.

2. You hired your divorce attorney for his expertise, so let him do his job. You should contact your spouse as little as possible during the process to avoid counterproductive confrontations that can prevent any possible amicable solutions to contested issues. If remaining civil is impossible for you and your spouse, you should instruct your spouse to only communicate with your attorney. It is common for your spouse to speak negatively about your attorney in an effort to undermine his efforts, but don’t allow his or her comments to interfere with your attorney-client relationship.

3. Avoid voluntarily leaving your family home, because doing so may negatively impact your case. However, if you are a victim of physical abuse, you should leave the home immediately to avoid additional physical harm.

4. Do not provide more information to your spouse than he or she needs to know, and view any information he or she gives you with skepticism in a contentious divorce.

5. Refrain from antagonizing your spouse with insults or petty remarks that may be counterproductive to reaching an amicable solution on an issue.

6. Do not negotiate settlement of an issue without your attorney’s knowledge. You have hired a divorce attorney to negotiate and litigate the divorce on your behalf, so do not prevent him from doing his job by removing him from the process.

7. Keep in mind that hiring a divorce attorney involves additional financial expense, and the total cost of your legal expense can often be unpredictable and dependent on the circumstances of your particular case. You are paying a divorce attorney for his knowledge and skill, and having legal counsel is intended to be a benefit in the long run.

8. Be patient. Getting a divorce is a process, and while it may not always seem to be the case, your divorce attorney is attempting to complete your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible under the circumstances of your particular case.

9. Don’t concentrate on “winning” and “losing.” Divorce often involves compromise to reach most amicable solution that is in the best interests of you and your children.

10. Be respectful of your attorney, your spouse’s attorney, and the judge.

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