One of the first questions most prospective clients ask if whether we can provide divorce representation on a flat fee basis, meaning a one-time fee with no billable hours or replenishing retainers. The answer is yes. We offer a flat fee divorce in Dallas, TX if the divorce is not complex, the terms are agreed, and your spouse will be cooperative in completing all aspects of the divorce.

The flat fee encompasses the county filing fee and all of our legal services necessary to complete the divorce, including preparation of the original petition for divorce, the waiver of service for the other spouse to sign, and the final decree of divorce. We will also attend the divorce prove-up hearing to ensure the final divorce paperwork is completed properly. The amount of the flat fee depends on whether children are involved and whether the parties have significant property and debts that must be addressed in the final decree.

The flat fee divorce arrangement provides financial certainty to many of our clients who do not have the money to litigate an expensive divorce battle in court, but still wish to enjoy the benefits of attorney representation to ensure everything is handled properly.  We offer flat fee divorces in Dallas County, Collin County, Tarrant County, and Denton County.

In our experience, many clients contact us under the belief that their divorces are uncontested and the issues involved are not complex. Unfortunately, in some cases this turns out to be untrue or the case is unavoidably more complex than originally anticipated. We always advise clients that if the divorce later turns out to be more contested or complex than initially believed, we must transition our representation to an hourly fee schedule with a retainer to account for the additional time expended in completing the divorce. Therefore, clients should consider whether their divorces are truly agreed and simple to allow us to properly evaluate the case before we proceed with the divorce filing.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors we use in determining whether a particular case qualifies for a flat legal fee:

  • Whether and how many children are involved;
  • Whether significant property must be divided (i.e., real estate, large retirement accounts, and valuable physical assets);
  • The amount of community debt to be divided;
  • Whether both spouses have agreed to all major terms of the divorce, including child possession/visitation and property/debt division;
  • Whether the other spouse is willing to cooperate in the preparation and execution of documents; and
  • Whether family violence has occurred.

Many times, other Dallas family attorneys will offer a slightly lower flat fee but not offer the same comprehensive services our firm provides to complete the divorce to the client’s satisfaction, and they will often delegate all responsibilities in the case to an assistant or paralegal. Therefore, we always advise prospective clients to ask other attorneys to fully explain the services and expenses that are included in the applicable flat fee arrangement. If you’re not careful, you may not be receiving what you thought you bargained for when you signed the engagement contract.  If it’s unclear what the representation will include within the flat fee, the deal is likely too good to be true.

We are a full-service family law firm representing individuals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our Dallas divorce attorneys have experience in all aspects of family law practice, including:

  • Contested and Uncontested Divorces
  • Modification Suits
  • Contempt and Enforcement Actions
  • Child Conservatorship
  • Child Visitation and Possession
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Paternity
  • Prenuptial Agreements

If you would like to discuss whether a flat fee divorce is available in your situation, please contact us today at (214) 570-9555 for a free phone consultation.