Emotional and financial devastation often go hand in hand with a divorce, which can be trying for both spouses and the children. Below are five mistakes commonly made by clients that should be avoided to prevent a painful and expensive divorce for everyone involved.

1. Trying to “win” every issue. Emotions always skyrocket during a divorce, and it is common for spouses to concentrate on defeating each other on every issue, even small insignificant ones. Undoubtedly, you should put up a strong fight on significant issues, but reaching compromise on smaller issues can make the divorce process move quickly and smoothly for both spouses.

2. Choosing the wrong attorney for your case. Hiring the right attorney for your situation is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You should not only choose an attorney with the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals, but also an attorney who works well with your communication style and personality. Since divorce is such a private, delicate process, you should choose an attorney who can provide more attention than would be necessary in another type of lawsuit. Take your decision seriously, because your attorney will be assisting you with one of the most trying financial and emotional experiences of your life.

3. Listening to friends and family instead of your divorce attorney. Of course, your family and friends are in your corner and want what’s best for you, but their advice may not always be appropriate for your divorce. Lean on your family and friends for emotional support, but rely on the advice of your divorce attorney when making decisions that can have significant consequences on your divorce.

4. Ignoring your divorce attorney’s advice. Since your are paying your divorce attorney for his time spent working on your case, you should take advantage of his advice and instructions during the entire divorce process. A divorce attorney’s skills and experience are useless if you ignore the advice he is trained to provide. The foundation of the attorney-client relationship is trust and open communication, and the likelihood of success in your case increases when you tell your attorney everything and follow his advice. You are always free to disagree with his advice and ask questions when you don’t understand the case strategy.

5. Setting Unrealistic Goals. Before hiring your divorce attorney, write down a list of realistic, attainable goals you want to achieve in your divorce both financially and emotionally, and move forward with the divorce with those goals in mind. Don’t expect every aspect of your divorce to be decided in your favor, and concentrate on what you want in your post-divorce life once the process is complete.

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